Best Medical Affiliate Programs

So you’re looking for the best medical affiliate programs! Maybe, you wish to make money selling products in the medical field. It’s also likely that you have a website geared towards the medical industry and wish to mention useful products to users.

No matter the reason, finding the right medical affiliate program isn’t easy. You need to take into account a number of factors to choose the best programs. If you need detailed information to finding the best medical affiliate programs, keep reading below.

Best Medical affiliate programs?

Finding genuine programs warrants time and research. So invest some time to search thoroughly in the right direction and list out legitimate affiliate programs in the medical industry. Use social media sites, marketing forums as well as organic search to complete your checklist.  You can also check out Samuels IM Reviews for good programs.   Here is how to research affiliate programs.

Check reviews

Although affiliate programs offer a fantastic way to earn money, you should be mindful of scam programs. You can do that by checking reviews of programs in your checklist. Scan reputable review sites such as and check reviews in the medical affiliate program category. Marketers who’ve any experience of working with medical affiliate networks will give you a fair overview of scam and genuine programs. In accordance with reviews from marketers, narrow down your search to a few highly rated programs.

Compare programs

Obviously, you don’t want to waste time on programs that pay pennies. So compare the commission rates offered to affiliates. Pay attention to programs that pay for leads and commissions as these programs are the best ones. You can earn money even if you don’t make any sale by getting leads.

Choose the best programs

Now that you know what to look for in an affiliate program, trim down your checklist further. Only include programs that pay higher commissions for sales and leads. In addition to this, check out the terms of service of each program minutely to avoid problems at a later date. Finally, choose a couple of legitimate affiliate programs that will let you earn substantial money in multiple ways.

Bottom line for medical affiliate programs

Choosing the best medical affiliate programs can be a daunting task due to the availability of so many affiliate networks and programs. However, you can get through this daunting task by acting diligently. Simply adhere to the above tips when checking medical affiliate networks and programs. With a handy guide by your side, you can easily find and select genuine medical affiliate programs to earn handsome money.



Penetrating into the healthcare market can be an uphill task, even for experienced suppliers. So what gives distributors a competitive advantage while identifying their top hospital prospects? Sales representatives should;

  • Aid potential prospects in reaching their goals
  • Create prospect specific campaigns
  • Know who to target specifically with their sales pitch

Those could be some of the basics. Medical supplies can be sold to hospitals either through direct sales or through a distributor. Using the right channel is key in determining whether or not your supplies will get to the target market.

Have you done your groundwork?

Clear all regulatory hurdles and comply with any relevant state-level requirements. Are you familiar with the rules governing supply purchases in the hospitals you are targeting? Without such knowledge, it will be a futile attempt. Also, are you aware of the decision makers in these institutions? Armed with the knowledge of the process and the people involved will ease the task of identifying the right sales channel.

Direct sales route

A sales team will be required who will be selling directly to hospitals. It will involve meeting with prospective buyers and closing deals. The entire selling process will need the physical presence by the sales reps at different locations so that multiple hospitals can be targeted within the shortest time possible. Direct interaction with customers is one advantage of direct selling. Also, being in control of the sales and revenue process is a highlight attributed to direct selling. However, this method attracts a lot of overhead costs associated with managing a team of sales reps. You can choose to take this route if,

  • Enough money is available to manage a sales team or,
  • The supplies require no customization

Using a distributor

Resellers often possess the connections and knowledge required to get supplies to their designated buyers. If a company cannot afford an establishment or even maintaining its presence in a particular area, the use of a distributor would be the best idea. Channel partners can help you lower the cost of entering into a new market since most of them already do business with the hospitals you are trying to sell to. In this case, partner commissions are involved. This option can be chosen if,

  • The distributor is able to deliver the value you intend, for example , the market share
  • The revenue brought by the distributor exceeds the costs of maintaining that relationship
  • The distributor allows you to deal directly with the buyers.

Whichever route you decide to take will depend on your revenue streams and also characteristics of your target market. Some hospitals will require direct selling while others will do better with distributors. If the two options are weighed carefully, the right decisions are likely to be made.